I. Register online

We are pleased to invite participants from around the world to register for the 13th OpenFOAM Workshop (OFW13). Online registration will allow you to make changes and additions to your registration information. Also, you can submit your abstract through the same website. For the procedure and more details about the registration, please refer to the registration instructions.

Click the register now button to start your online registration.

II. Registration Fees

The registration fees are as follows:

Date of registration Attendee Students Accompanying persons
Before May 15th 2018 CNY ¥4000 (USD $600) CNY ¥2700 (USD $400) CNY ¥3300 (USD $500)
After May 15th 2018 CNY ¥4700 (USD $700) CNY ¥3300 (USD $500) CNY ¥3300 (USD $500)

Registration fees include

▪ Parallel sessions

▪ Welcome reception (June 24th 2018)

▪ Banquet

▪ All meal expenses during the workshop (except breakfast)

▪ Refreshment breaks

Student participants must provide a valid document showing his/her identity as a registered full-time student. A scanned copy of the document need to be sent to our mailbox ( ), and we will inspect it.

The accompanying person registration fees include

▪ Welcome reception (June 24th 2018)

▪ Banquet

▪ All meal expenses during the workshop (except breakfast)

▪ Refreshment breaks

III. Payment

For registration fee payment, please visit Payment page.


If you have difficulty with the online registration and payment, please request instructions by sending an e-mail to: